Domestic Voluntary Disclosure

Commonly, taxpayers search for an experienced tax attorney to resolve many years of unfiled tax returns or large unpaid income or employment tax liabilities. If you have years of unfiled returns, The Gaymon Law Firm, PLLC can work with your accountant to help you properly prepare and file your delinquent tax returns.

Mr. Gaymon can help you get “back into the system” through IRS voluntary disclosure and amnesty programs, and work with the IRS to obtain a practical resolution for your delinquent tax liabilities. Compliance with IRS requirements for the voluntary disclosure of unfiled U.S. tax returns or unreported income can often help avoid an IRS criminal investigation or prosecution.

When your problem is a pending or potential IRS criminal tax investigation, you need serious help. If you have unfiled tax returns, unreported income or other potential “egg-shell” tax issues, Mr. Gaymon can discuss the situation with you under protection of the attorney-client privilege, and help you qualify for the IRS voluntary disclosure program. Please consider contacting me at The Gaymon Law Firm, PLLC, telephone (703) 407-9130, or by completing the Contact Form contained on this Web site.